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Hello ! At Buzzerhut we are keen to help you in every possible way. However at times we forgot to check specific questions - so before contacting us please have a look at following checklist as see if following can resolve your issue.

  • I want to advertise on, but not sure where to start,where is the price list and will i able to change my links and yes! what are the payment options : Advertisers Section
  • I have submitted my blog but it was not approved can u help ? : Blog Submission Guidelines
  • I have received mail that my blog is approved but I am not able to locate it in the category i added can u please suggest how can i find my blog ? Search Listings
  • Frequently Asked Questions : is our best section for quich solutions, kindly consider that too before writing a mail to us.

If you are reporting a problem please try to explain it in as much detail as possible, especially the steps you are taking that are causing the problem. What pages you are visiting as much detail as possible so we can give you your answer quick.

Still If above doesnot helps you to get your answers we will be more than happy to help you can always mail us at " Mail To"

( Please note it is not possible to reply every mail instantly due to high volume of mails we receive everyday. However we will try to reply you back within 36hrs of your request! We appreciate your understanding in this matter.Thanks! )

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