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Welcome Advertisers - if you want to promote yourselves on its an excellent oopportunity to do so through a sponsored blog section on left side of Home Page - which is PR5!

Sponsored websites are similar to the other blogs/websites -- except that sponsored listing get listed on the main page of and when visitor click on link, he/she will be redirected straight to the main page of the blog. Each sponsored blog will be visible in a clearly marked column.
And will stay on the home page for the entire month under "more interesting scapes", ensuring it is seen by thousands and thousands of BuzzerHut visitors.

Cost for a sponsored scape is deviced according to following chart

Home Page Listing - text link 70 USD per month
Mail to our subscribe bloggers over 10,000 250 USD one time cost - once in a month only/-
For any other specific advertising query and link placements you can contact us here!

We plan to limit 30 links on home page to ensure that each blog is easily visible on the home page.You can easily pay via paypal , credit card. All you need to do it create your account using following and you can start adding/updating/deleting your links in your link manager section instantly.So let's get started!


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